Try out this snack, next time the hunger hits.

Try out this snack, next time the hunger hits.

Is Pita Chips a healthy snack?

Not all pita chips are considered as healthy snack it always depends on various factors like ingredients, portion size, and individual dietary needs. Here are some considerations:-


        Healthy Pita Chips 


Ingredients:-  Gourmade Snacks made pita chips with whole grain pita bread, which provide fiber and nutrients. However, many brands made pita chips with  added sugars, unhealthy fats, and artificial additives. Reading the ingredient list can help determine the healthiness of a particular brand. 

Nutritional Content:- Gourmade's Pita Chips provide nutrition. Our pita chips provide you Vitamin C, Protein, Carbohydrate and much more.    


Portion Size:- Pita Chips are healthy, eating too many can give you too many calories but Gourmade's pita chips are baked chips and doesn't provide you too much calories. You can eat our pita chips daily as your daily snacks, and maybe have them with something healthy like Tahini or hummus. 


eat pita chips with tahini hummus


Your Needs :-  What's healthy for you ?? might be different from someone else. If your preferences are GMO free & Egg Free, So Gourmade's pita chips are best snacks option for you. 


Overall Diet :- Think about what else you eat in daily snacks time. If you wants to eat something healthy and spicy, eat Gourmade Snacks pita chips with tahini. We provide pita chips in 3 different flavors.

So, pita chips can be part of your healthy snack, but it's important to pick the right brand. 


Is it OK to have Pita Chips every day?

Pita chips can be a healthier alternative to any normal chips but anything having too much is not appropriate. If you are having pita chips like your daily based snacks so it's totally fine. It also depends on ingredients what type of ingredients brand are using and how they are preparing. Gourmade makes baked Pita Chips  instead of fried, which can reduce the overall fat content.


Gourmade Snacks for daily snacks


Additionally, Gourmade's Pita Chips contain more fiber and protein than regular chips. However, it's also important to check the nutrition label, as some pita chips may still contain high amounts of sodium and added sugars.


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